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Doron Neuhaus

Doron Neuhaus

Doron has more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry of which 25 have been as a Program, Project and Portfolio manager on large corporate IT driven change projects. These have included international enterprise ERP software implementations, Proprietary system development projects and Packaged Software implementation projects. Since 1991, Doron has focused on projects within the Supply Chain Management environment including Warehouse, Transportation and Supply Chain Optimisation projects. Doron has been at Supply Chain Junction for 4 years.

Posts by Doron Neuhaus

Want to ensure your warehouse runs smoothly all day every day?

Ever wondered how you can start warehouse operations smoothly and keep them going that way each and every day, then this post is for you. We’re unpacking how to use ...

The golden zone: why slotting optimisation can deliver significant productivity benefits

Slotting optimisation is a great way to boost productivity and profitability in your warehouse. Here’s how your warehouse management system (WMS) can help you put th...

How to improve your warehouse productivity by optimising your picking process

If you’re serious about streamlining your warehouse operations, then this is a great place to start. Grocery shopping can teach you a lot about warehouse picking bes...

How your warehouse management system (WMS) helps improve customer service [VIDEO]

Customer service is the only thing differentiating you from your competitors. Find out how the right WMS can help give you the competitive edge you need to delight y...

Has your supply chain complexity outgrown your ERP?

As your customer and business requirements change, your supply chain and supporting systems need to adapt. If your ERP is struggling to meet these complexities, it m...

ERP vs. WMS: which is the best fit for your business?

Choosing software for your warehouse may not seem like a huge decision, but it directly impacts the financial and operational health of your business. If you want to...

See-through Vision: Supply Chain Intelligence that Builds Business Transparency

In most companies, the supply chain is viewed as a mission-critical system. In the very best performing companies, the supply chain is seen as a strategic weapon wit...

Spotlight on Warehouse Management and Distribution Centre Automation

The basic function of a warehouse is to provide an efficient means to store inventory and to dispatch ordered goods in a timely manner to the next node in the supply...

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