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Manhattan Associates - Warehouse Management 

Everything you need to know about selecting the right WMS, the features and functions you need, implementation guidelines, post implementation support and ongoing optimisation.

Choosing Your WMS: Why SCJ & Manhattan?

Supply Chain Junction has over 20 years of experience providing warehouse management solutions. We help customers optimise their warehouse operations using the Manhattan Associates WMS. We partner with you to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits of your warehouse management software, improving productivity and profitability in your supply chain.

What the Manhattan Associates WMS Can Do For Your Warehouse:


Reduce Your Overheads

Kolok reduced their labour costs by 50%


Use Your Resources More Effectively

Cambridge Foods saw a 250%
productivity increase



Improve Visibility And Control

Bakkavör improved visibility across their supply chain


Increase Overall Control

eStore Logistics gained control of
complex processes


Receive, Process, And Ship On Time

The Foschini Group reduced lead-time by >66%

The Best-In-Class Manhattan WMS Solution


Choosing Your WMS

Get a breakdown on what and who you need to make an informed decision, and the process you should follow to define your functional requirements here:

Take The Right Path On Your WMS Selection Journey

Get the full breakdown of assessment and considerations you need when selecting your WMS technology

Implementing A WMS

Once you’ve decided you need a WMS and chosen the right partner to help you implement your WMS, the next step is to plan, resource, and execute your implementation. Get the details which are essential to ensuring a highly successful WMS outcome.

Plan, organise and optimise your warehouse operations to provide the right goods and the right time, while you improve your warehouse efficiency and reduce your costs.

Features Of Our Warehouse Management System


Core Warehouse Management


Slotting Optimisation


Labour Management


Warehouse Mobility


Supply Chain Intelligence


Billing Management

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