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Mobile Warehouse Management: 6 Ways your Mobile App Drives Performance


If you are operating a traditional, desktop-based WMS, you have probably run into some challenges around labour and employee management, performance issues, and warehouse theft that are difficult to solve from the confines of your office.

This division makes it extremely difficult for warehouse managers to respond to changing warehouse requirements, communicate and build relationships with their team, and tricky to provide accurate feedback and performance ratings.

Warehouse Mobility improves your ability to manage and remedy these challenges by allowing your warehouse manager to be on the floor.

The Six Performance Benefits of Mobile Warehouse Management

The Mobile Warehouse Application helps your Warehouse Manager to stay on the floor, where they can be proactive, present, and productive. We share the Manhattan Associates video showing DM Mobile for Warehouse Supervisors below, but we’ve pulled out the key benefits for quick reference to save you time:

1. Warehouse Theft Prevention

As discussed in our blog, Warehouse Theft Prevention: 8 Tips to Spot it and Stop it, It takes a combination of strong processes, security systems, warehouse management software and excellent hiring criteria to reduce theft in your business. It’s much easier to manage and monitor these tools when your Warehouse Manager is on the floor.

2. Staff Productivity

A Mobile Warehouse application like Manhattan’s solution allows you to track staff productivity and performance in real-time, from your warehouse floor. This allows you to build stronger relationships with staff, boost staff morale, and recognise and reward hard work.

3. Warehouse Efficiency

Being mobile lets you have immediate status updates on work in progress. You can check what’s going on with drill-down views of work in progress, allowing you to flag any potential delays and re-prioritise tasks, giving your staff the feedback they need to perform more efficiently.

4. Delivery and task tracking

Know whether you’re ahead or behind for the day with real-time access to accurate data. The mobile warehouse app tells you instantly whether you need to call a few extra pairs of hands onto the warehouse floor to help your team meet their deadlines on time, giving support and reinforcement to your staff.

5. Improve your accuracy

From the benefits above, your order picking accuracy and delivery successes are improved from your Warehouse Managers increased presence on the floor. With greater control, clarity, and inputs, your staff are motivated to improve their contributions to the picking and packing processes.

6. Better turnaround times

A mobile warehouse has better turnaround and delivery times because it gives the Warehouse Manager the tools to be on hand for hurdles, changes, and last-minute scheduling shifts. It also allows your Warehouse Manager to promote efficiency and accuracy within the workforce, streamlining your processes on-demand.

Watch the video for a full list of benefits:

If you’d like to see how a large business has used warehouse mobility to improve and streamline their processes, download our Tarsus Case Study:

Tarsus Case Study


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