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Five Reasons to Partner with SCJ & Manhattan Associates

Written by Michael Badwi
Created: 15 March 2019

Partner with Supply Chain Junction (SCJ) for business success.

Thinking of implementing a WMS? The following 5 reasons are why you should partner with Supply Chain Junction and Manhattan Associates. 




Supply Chain Junction (SCJ) is an omni-channel retail and supply chain leader and the official Manhattan Associates GeoPartner™.


Simply, this means Supply Chain Junction (SCJ) is an extension of Manhattan Associates. This partnership guarantees that SCJ is accredited to sell, implement and support Manhattan’s industry leading solutions across South Africa and the Middle East and anywhere in the world where you may need our help.


We assist our customers in optimising and extracting the maximum benefit from their supply chains and omni-channel operations via the use of leading technology and business practices.


With 17 years of experience, SCJ understands the challenges and complexities of implementing WMS and is committed to assisting you and your business with change management, ensuring that planning, processes, workflows and baseline measurements are all secured to achieve maximum return on investment.





SCJ has WMS professionals based in both Africa and in the UAE. This enables our support and implementation offering to clients in local currency and at local rates.


We garner ongoing insights and experience from both local and global data and implementations to ensure we’re constantly illustrating how we can continue to support your business growth whilst adding value and continually improving our product set.


Plus we’re right where you need us, on your doorstep.





In partnership with SCJ, Manhattan Associates is committed to delivering excellence. SCJ gratefully acknowledges the recognition and awards received by industry, customers and employees alike as critical benchmarks of Manhattan Associates WMS success.


Awards include:


Gartner WMS Magic Quadrant Leader 2009-2018


Forrester Forrester Wave Leader 2018 - Omni Channel Order Management leader


ARC Advisory WMS market share leader 2009-2018





SCJ believes in the interaction and exchange of ideas, challenges and solutions. These create opportunities for innovation excellence. The Manhattan Associates community is the largest in the industry, with over 1200 customers.


Customers are connected throughout the year through interactive and productive local and global user conferences, offering professional programs and events such as the regional Manhattan Exchanges Program, Supply Chain Leaders Program and Product Councils. Further, Manhattan’s annual flagship industry event, the Momentum Conference, gathers together leaders, customers, partners and industry experts to explore the latest Supply Chain Commerce technology developments, discuss logistics trends and network with peers, ensuring we remain on the leading edge of best practices.





Since 2007 Manhattan has invested over US $550 million in research and development. The hyper-acceleration of sophisticated consumer technology and omni-channel customer behaviours is redefining commerce and the technology required to manage a modern, multichannel supply chain.


Product Councils are used to improve Manhattan’s product excellence, with an allocation of nearly 30% of the R&D annual budget used to tackle the many customer and industry-specific challenges.


Some of our core investment themes are:

  • Ensuring warehouse managers manage on the floor and from behind a desk

  • Track and manage warehouse labour

  • Implement mobile point of sale (mPOS)

  • Harness the power of selling against available inventory

  • Save the sale by bringing eCommerce into the store

  • Engage customers with personalised shopping experiences and virtual showrooms

  • Deliver training materials and floor sets in real-time

SCJ, in partnership with Manhattan Associates WMS are passionate about securing success for our customers through our proven and focused methodology


“Supply Chain Junction implemented new processes and systems which improved our operational efficiency by 60%, boosting our overall business success. We highly recommend partnering with Supply Chain Junction.”

Tim Proome, Head of Supply Chain, Tarsus Distribution


To drive profitability on every order, every day, contact us: 

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