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Putting the Logic back in Logistics

Today's logistics require strategy, compliance, and risk management to maintain operational efficiency and deliver goods at the right time.

With market conditions and regulations changing rapidly, being prepared matters more than ever.

Companies are now looking to leverage solutions that support transparency, real-time visibility, rapid decision-making, and flexibility of response.

With so many IoT tools and platforms to choose from, we will discuss how to choose the right technology and tools to keep your distribution network operations running smoothly.

Watch the replay of the Industry Insights Webinars, "Putting the Logic in Logistics", where our panel of experts will explore the technologies being used to keep your supply chains running seamlessly in a panel-style discussion with live Q&A.

Discussion Points:

  • Benefits of Connected Logistics 4.0
  • Digital Twins for Warehousing
  • Asset Tracking for Improved Visibility
  • Enabling Technologies and Blockchain
  • Smart Supply Chain Management



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