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Building a Business Case for an Enterprise Order Management Solution Webinar

Retail is under unprecedented scrutiny and pressure to have a better consumer service while still making a profit. To guarantee that your consumers get the right goods to the right spot at the right time, you need insight into centralised real-time inventory, orders, and customers.
This webcast will provide you with the tools you'll use to create a business case for an order management system that demonstrates how your company can:

  • Increase incremental ecommerce revenue
  • Increase incremental store revenue
  • Improve sales margins
  • Lower fulfillment costs
  • Reduce inventory assets
  • Reduce fixed assets

This webcast will teach you how to flesh out your business case to generate tangible value for your company, based on our over 30 years of investment in supply chain and commerce, partnering with major manufacturers, premium goods, dealers, wholesalers, and more.



Take A Look At The Results Of A Successful WMS Implementation.

See how Tarsus Distribution, in collaboration with SCJ boost overall efficiency by 60%