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Manhattan SCALE Drives Business Growth at GraysOnline

GraysOnline decided to re-evaluate its warehouse operations, which involved consolidating its four existing warehouses (totaling 178,000 sq. ft or 16,500 sq. m) into one centralized distribution center (DC) located in Homebush, in Western Sydney (323,000 sq. ft. or 30,000 sq. m).

During this time, GraysOnline upgraded its entire warehouse management system to Manhattan SCALE: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution, to streamline operations, drive greater efficiencies and introduce some clearly defined processes.



GraysOnline needed to reorganize and streamline its supply chain to facilitate continued growth and subsequently integrate a newly acquired company’s inventory into its existing warehouse operations with minimal downtime and disruption to customers.



Manhattan SCALE™: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution


Greater supply chain control and visibility; 15-20% productivity improvement; minimal downtime during integration of oo.com.au; improved services levels to customers.


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