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Tarsus WMS Transformation Journey

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Learn how Tarsus:
- Improved Inventory accuracy to 99.9%
- Increased daily order processing capacity 4x
- Reduced labour costs 43%

... and how they transformed their business.

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Tarsus WMS Transformation Journey

The Company

Tarsus Distribution is the oldest technology distribution company in South Africa. Its world-class supply chain solutions and state-of-the-art warehouse and logistics management systems, give resellers the ability to utilise optimised logistics that reliably and efficiently serve their clients. But it wasn’t always that way.

The Challenge

The decade’s old warehousing system was no longer meeting needs of the customer or the business. Systems, processes and people had all fallen behind. Rapid change was happening within the industry. To stay ahead of the change, a shift had to be made to address these challenging goals:

  • Improve Inventory accuracy to serve new customers and increase turnover
  • Increase daily order processing capacity
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Gain new business and grow existing customer accounts
  • Create processes to support staff in handling high volume and quick delivery



“This was not just a supply chain challenge, but an overall transformation of people, process and system. We have a goal not just to be the best supply chain in the technology industry, but to be the best in the world.”

Tim Proome, Supply Chain Executive

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