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Omni Channel Fulfillment Solutions

Meeting customer demand while optimising your inventory and controlling logistics doesn’t have to be a struggle. Use a platform that integrates information from multiple channels to give you real-time responsiveness when fulfilling orders.

Omni Channel Is A Fundamental Shift For Retailers Looking To Bring All Points Of The Customer Experience Together.

Omni channel software allows retailers and consumer goods manufacturers to break down the silos within their organisation, providing them with the tools to manage, monitor and optimise cross-channel order management. Omni-channel software provides a global real-time view of inventory, order status and stock location. Omni-channel software tracks orders placed online, in-store, via catalog or through a call center seamlessly. Meeting customer demand while optimising your inventory and controlling logistics doesn’t have to be a struggle. Use a platform that integrates information from multiple channels to give you real-time responsiveness when fulfilling orders. Our omni-channel solution allows enterprises the flexibility and control they need to compete more effectively in the market.


Explore Our Omni Channel Solutions

Available To Commerce

Our Available to Commerce solution is an advanced rules platform that sits on top of your Enterprise Inventory that allows you to create custom views and scenarios that reflect your business’ needs. Every business has different requirements and this solution takes these individual needs into account. The Available to Commerce solution offers provides advanced control that allows you to generate real-time inventory stock alerts as well as manage availability through operational constraints. This solution will allow you more control and visibility with ease.

Clientelling Solution

Assist your shop assistants to deliver the very best customer service with our clientelling solution. The solution takes customer service to new heights by offering shop assistants the ability to communicate with clients across various platforms such as MS or e-mail as well as making product recommendations for cross-selling and promotions. The solution also offers the ability to report on sales activity by shop assistant which then integrates into your ecommerce system for advanced reporting and visibility.

Distribution Order Management

Orchestrate the flow of orders from anywhere in your network for omni-channel order management success. Manage, monitor and optimise cross-channel order management using our distributed order management software. Provide a real-time view of inventory, order status and stock location regardless of whether an order originated in-store or online. You can manage multiple fulfilment constraints such as fulfilment outages, capacity constraints and inventory protection. Then use the data gathered to predict inventory shortages and identify issues before delivery issues occur.

Enterprise Order Management

Enterprise Order Management software is your operating system for omni-channel retail which drives increased sales and improved margins through flexible execution management. Use this system to efficiently route orders to vendors, distribution centres, stores and order fulfilment partners to reduce delivery time and for maximum profitability. This allows for order online, pick up in store functionality. The system predicts potential inventory shortages, customer service issues and delivery problems and will reduce back-orders by automating substitutions for similar products based on business rules.

Omni-Channel Customer Service

Manage the complete order lifecycle through omni-channel customer service, distributed selling and order fulfilment optimisation capabilities. The system recognises information that is requested often and then provides this with fewer clicks for shorter order enquiry calls. Enable a rich user experience through an intuitive user interface that takes the customers’ needs into account. Offering functionality that supports returns/exchanges for orders from any channel as well as enabling the ability to order online and giving retail staff the ability to view these orders and assist in person.

Point Of Sale

Create an unforgettable customer experience by helping customers to check out faster and makes it easier for sales staff to navigate the application. This solution offers secure end-to-end transactions that can be accessed on multiple mobile devices and integrates with your payment server and POS hardware.

Store Fulfilment

Enable robust picking, ship from store and in-store pickup flows with an easy-to-use mobile interface. By providing real-time access to fulfilment information, activities and processes across the entire store network, store fulfilment complements the order management system which enables efficient delivery and improves customer satisfaction. Manage the entire process from a centralised fulfilment dashboard including viewing signature capture as proof of delivery to allow you to answer customer queries in real-time.

Store Inventory

With Manhattan’s Store Inventory solution, you can ensure inventory accuracy to improve sales, reduce out-of-stocks, improve store replenishment efficiencies—and provide a positive customer experience, every time. Inventory accuracy is an important component of customer service and can low accuracy figures can cause you to lose customers so this solution allows enhanced visibility and improved accuracy by capturing ad-hoc inventory adjustments, executing periodic or ad hoc cycle counts and processing claims and recalls.

Tablet Retailing

The tablet retailing solution allows you to easily publish digital content to your stores that is available on various mobile devices. This allows customers to browse online catalogues and promotional material but it also allows sales staff to access merchandising information, training videos or guides and reference information. The tablet retailing solution offers advanced functionality that will assist sales teams to have information at their fingertips and allow customers to view content on a device n store for an integrated customer experience.


Our System Allows You To:

  • Aggregate and prioritise orders so that you can see orders placed through any channel, and ensure that important clients get stock first when inventory is in short supply.
  • Create a supply network for procurement processes that can keep up with demand, automatically increase purchase orders if additional stock is required and keep you updated on any problems that could delay orders.
  • Monitor available-to-promise requirements to keep scheduling and shipping commitments, efficiently route orders, minimise delivery time and decrease storage costs.
  • Manage exceptions and substitutions so that if inventory shortages or delivery problems do arise, you are able to reroute, substitute and communicate with customers in time to prevent damage to your business’ reputation. You can also automate substitutions for similar products based on your own rules.
  • Reroute inventory even when it is in transit, if needed. You can monitor distribution centre and store inventory and reroute stock based on those levels to ensure that it ends up where it is needed most.
  • Generate reports and analytics that give you the information you need to improve business performance. Capture key metrics and set benchmarks for delivery times, inventory turns and cash-to-cash cycle time, and use this to track how your organisation measures up.

Omni-Channel Solutions

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