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Manhattan Active Distribution Management Software

With Distribution Management software, you can automate every link in even the most complex supply chains.

Strategic planning, on one seamless platform:

Anchored by our industry-leading warehouse management solutions, distribution management provides a comprehensive set of supply chain execution solutions to help you connect inbound and outbound operations, increase product velocity, improve customer service and achieve world-class efficiency across your distribution network.

With Distribution management software, you can:

  • Fine-tune facilities with well-utilised resources, streamlined inventory movements and flawless order fulfillment
  • Match inventory slotting to demand while considering numerous product characteristics for faster, more accurate picking with less damage
  • Track workforce performance, forecast labor requirements and automate workforce planning and scheduling
  • Extend supply chain capabilities to suppliers, and automate communications and record-keeping
  • Give hubs and 3PLs visibility into orders, shipments and inventory
  • Maximize cross-dock and flow-through activities and ship directly to stores and customers

Assign and manage charges for warehouse events, providing concise client invoicing for logistics service providers

Always Flexible, Always Current

Staying active requires a flexible approach in which enterprises can take advantage of the newest technology, quickly. To achieve a faster pace and support constant innovation, Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are designed to adapt. Available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/ hosted, multi-tenant, or on-premises—these solutions serve a broad range of needs, capabilities, and budgets. With options to receive annual upgrades, you can implement the next version of an application each year to take advantage of new features and functions. Our Manhattan Active WM service provides annual upgrades, both on premises and in the cloud, including the option to automatically migrate custom extensions.

Distrobution Management on Manhattan Warehouse Management System


Warehouse Management

The Manhattan Warehouse Management System(WMS) is the industry leader and truly a world-class solution that can drive best practice, efficiency and innovation in any business. Using an advanced proprietary algorithm, the WMS speeds the flow of goods and information to enable flawless execution across inventory, labour and space. This places companies on a firm footing for compliance with regulations and standards.

Manhattan Scale

Our end-to-end distribution management capabilities are purpose built for rapid implementation. Supply chain technology that’s scaled to fit and ready to run. In a marketplace that is rapidly changing, you need agility and scalability to quickly seize new opportunities while still maintaining operational efficiencies.

Manhattan SCALE, powered by Microsoft's .NET platform, is the right solution for demanding distribution issues and provides an ideal blend of features, functions and technology for organizations seeking to solve supply chain execution challenges. Simplify order fulfillment by optimizing the way that orders are aggregated, picked and shipped while optimizing the labour force, slotting as well as billing in all areas of the warehouse. Having visibility of your supply chain will offer the ability to improve order accuracy and reduce stock levels while getting orders out faster and reducing overhead costs.

Using Manhattan SCALE you can gain real visibility into the assets in the yard such as trailers while being able to accurately determine their locations from within the warehouse. Understanding business efficiency and having real-time visibility of inventory will assist you in improving staff efficiency and reduce the amount of overtime being done in your warehouse.


labour management


Labour Management

Transform your workforce into your business’ strongest asset. While labour can be one of the largest costs of operating a warehouse, there are also a number of opportunities to step up productivity and decrease costs by managing your workforce effectively.

We can implement software that stores a database of standards for key tasks, such as time to completion of a task. The system monitors employee performance and compares it to the benchmark, providing you with performance data that can be used to amplify strengths and eliminate problems within your workforce.

Productivity reports can be generated by supervisor, employee, warehouse or team for in-depth analysis. You will be able to give individual employees immediate feedback on their individual performance, calculate realistic targets and incentive structures, and align remuneration with productivity.

Employees can strive towards efficient, high-quality and safe workplace performance that is measurable, improving staff satisfaction, decreasing turnover and improving workplace safety standards. The data also allows you to determine whether workloads are balanced or should be adjusted and how this can be achieved across functional areas of the warehouse.

Slotting strategies can also be adjusted accordingly. Another aspect of labour management is planning and forecasting your labour requirements more efficiently.

Our forecasting tool uses historical data to plan your labour needs, from regular staffing to temporary labour required during seasonal fluctuations and busy periods. This cuts down on overtime hours and ensures that you have the required hands on deck to meet your business obligations at any time of year.

Slotting Optimisation

The stock in your warehouse is one of your business’ most significant investments, and managing it effectively is crucial for ongoing growth and success.

We want to help you improve pick productivity by up to 30% and reduce pick travel time by up to 60%.

Your warehouse’s physical layout and picking profile can be adjusted to save you money and increase productivity. We can help you to analyse whether your inventory is in the right place to save you time and money, help you to fill orders accurately and safely, and to optimise your storage space. Our optimisation system adapts as your business does and, based on new input data such as seasonal trends or the procurement of new products, continuously calculates the best position for your products to occupy in your warehouse. As your inventory changes, so does the optimal configuration of your warehouse, keeping you ahead of the curve.

  • Reduce pick travel time by 30-60%
  • Improve pick productivity by 10-30%
  • Reduce pick face replenishment activities
  • Optimise facility layout and space utilization

Billing Management

The Manhattan WMS offers a flexible billing solution that is designed to seamlessly integrate billing data across all of your facilities. Our flexible, activity-based billing management software for 3PLs uses times-based rules to streamline cost calculations and the invoicing process which dynamically manages the billing process.

  • Implement activity-based billing to optimise profits
  • Assign charges for warehouse processes including inventory storage
  • Generate invoice reports for tenants or business units

Optimise your supply chain with our best-in-class solutions

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