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Extended Supply Chain for Enterprise Management

Manhattan’s Extended Enterprise’s architecture is built to foster closer collaboration, break down departmental boundaries and assist in communicating with suppliers, transporters, 3PLs, and other trading partners so that your supply chain can help drive top-line growth without sacrificing bottom-line performance.

Extended Supply Chain for Enterprise Management

From a secure, online, web-enabled portal that facilitates real-time collaboration between you and your suppliers to better visibility of receipts, shipments, yard activity, and in-transit inventory, all Extended Enterprise capabilities work together to improve supply chain agility. With Extended Enterprise, you can gain direct control of product flow with logistics partners, including last-minute inventory re-direction to respond to changes in product demand.

With the proliferation of fulfillment methods and selling channels, companies are increasingly reliant on their trading partners to support the scale of operations they need to compete. Manhattan Extended Enterprise enables closer collaboration amongst all partners in the supply chain ecosystem.

From inbound receipt handling, outbound fulfillment, and jockeying of trailers in your yard to better visibility and closer collaboration with suppliers, carriers, 3PLs, and other trading partners, Extended Enterprise ensures you can look ahead while minimizing logistics disruptions.

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Supplier Enablement

Provides suppliers all the access, communication and supply chain execution tools needed to successfully service your enterprise

Supplier Enablement is an online portal between you and your suppliers, so you can communicate in real time and synchronize your business processes. With Supplier Enablement, your business will speed time to market, reduce errors, increase inventory turns and lower costs.

Supplier Enablement gives you the tools to overcome barriers that might otherwise prevent easy collaboration, such as differing languages, currencies, time zones, technology platforms and tiers of manufacturing. By automating collaboration on a unified web-based platform, any supplier with a web browser can become a part of your automated supply chain.

Supplier Enablement includes these feature focus areas:

  • Requisition Management: Negotiate requisitions online to expedite and consolidate POs, reduce errors, plan efficiently and generate documentation.
  • PO Management: Automate time-consuming manual POs and eliminate paper. View the upstream supply chain for more predictable cycle times, reduced and more accurate inventories and better planning.
  • Inspections / Quality Assurance: Request new inspections for quality checks online, to increase order accuracy and partner accountability, lower safety stock levels and the ability to acknowledge available-to-promise dates.
  • Fulfillment & Shipping: Enable trading partners to generate electronic ASNs and shipping labels. Also print accurate, standard shipping documents such as manifests, pack lists and bills of lading.
  • Chargebacks: Automate claims for damaged products, non-compliance, demurrage and more. Events and notifications are generated for the major processing milestones.
  • Connect Suppliers and Hubs: The Added Power of Hub Enablement.

Supplier Enablement is particularly powerful when combined with Hub Enablement. Together, these modules enable global visibility: shipping from anywhere to anywhere with traceability and accountability at all times. With the full benefit of collaboration with suppliers and hubs, you can maximise cross-dock and flow-through for direct-to-store delivery, thus reducing inventory, speeding orders to market and dramatically cutting transportation, storage and labour costs.

Hub Management

Allows for physical execution of shipping and receiving at hubs, pool points, transload facilities or other LSPs.

Our Hub Management software provides web-based technology that easily and inexpensively enables warehouse-like execution in all arms of your supply chain, no matter how small the facility. Hubs can even consolidate shipments directly to stores and end customers, bypassing warehouses altogether.

Whether the facility is a distribution hub, cross dock, pool point, transload facility or consolidation/de-consolidation point, Hub Enablement provides core supply chain execution and visibility across the supply chain.

Hub enablement allows you to achieve the following:

  • Foster collaboration and increase visibility among LSPs and suppliers with proprietary, role-based access to browser-based gateway
  • Meet customer demands by allowing direct shipping to streamline inventory flow
  • Achieve real-time visibility to inventory movement and LSP processing for greater inventory control and decision making
  • Direct-to-store and direct-to-customer shipments that reduce transportation, labor and storage costs while shortening order fulfillment times
  • Standardize shipping labels and documentation through the entire supply chain for more accurate scan-based receiving at all locations
  • Increase visibility to reduce inventory levels and order cycle time

 Yard Management | Supply Chain Junction Manhattan GeoPartner


Yard Management

Offers granular visibility and task-based control of yard operations to maximize the flow of all inbound and outbound tasks.

With the rapid response required in today’s supply chains, operational efficiency is more essential than ever. Our Yard Management capabilities help ensure that efficiency by providing detailed visibility and task-based control of yard operations. And by maximizing the flow of all inbound and outbound goods, your team can reduce costs while meeting customer demands.

Yard Management maximizes yard and warehouse efficiency by managing the flow of all inbound and outbound goods. Our proven yard management solution enables you to plan, execute, track, and audit loads based on critical characteristics like shipment type, load configuration, labor requirements, and dock and warehouse capacity.

  • Gain visibility to shipments on the yard and to the associated inventory including yard security
  • Increase control over equipment operating on the yard for maximum efficiency
  • Organize load arrivals that ensure trailers unload at the right dock door and correct time
  • Reduce transportation costs and increase warehouse efficiency
  • Identify and expedite critical shipments or out-of-stock goods
  • Communicate with yard jockeys using mobile devices
  • Leverage Guard Check-in and Check-out for appointment and yard security management while critical loads are identified and expedited directly to dock doors

Appointment Scheduling

Allows transporters and suppliers can self-schedule warehouse delivery and pickups.

Poor carrier appointment scheduling can create inadequate labor allocation, inefficient loading/unloading, and unnecessary dwell times. Our appointment scheduling software is a proven tool that allows carriers and suppliers to easily “self-schedule” their warehouse delivery and labour needs. This helps increase productivity and levels workload, stay on schedule, and keep in compliance with U.S. Hours of Service and other government regulations.

  • Turn more loads in less time with no delays or charge-backs
  • Provide self-service capability for carriers and facilities to schedule appointments
  • Recommend appointment times based on resources, service needs and shipment content
  • Support system-recommended times to drive appointment setting and dock resources allocation at any DC
  • Enable carriers to better comply with U.S. Hours of Service, the European Working Time Directive and other government regulations
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI) or a web-based interface to self-schedule shipments
  • Tracks time at guard stations, measures detention times and load/unload times
  • Automatically calculates load times based on required delivery dates, order content, dock capacity, warehouse capacity and labor requirements
  • Allows load balancing across shifts to calibrate resource requirements
  • Available on SaaS, single-tenant and on-premise hosted applications

Supply Chain Event Management | Supply Chain Junction Manhattan GeoPartner


Supply Chain Event Management

Proactive monitoring of supply chain events with real-time notifications when disruptions occur that can allow you to harness the right supply chain data to make better decisions.

Enterprises are constantly being challenged to adapt to market and demand changes, and to iterate and innovate at lightning speed. However, this agility is practically impossible without proactive monitoring of supply chain operations, both within your four walls and across your extended enterprise. It’s fundamentally important to help team members from the warehouse, transportation, stores, and procurement, as well as suppliers and carriers, stay abreast of supply chain performance in real time.

With Event Management, your team can monitor millions of supply chain events as they occur, on a day-to-day basis. From buyers to warehouse supervisors to traffic managers to store associates, all parties can receive real-time notifications that enable proactive, corrective actions to improve inventory control and turns, cycle time variability, and warehouse productivity.

  • Manage a configurable list of events tracked across the lifecycle of inventory
  • Ensure fulfillment activities are executed according to expectations and that inventory arrives on time
  • Track pickups and deliveries to make sure inventory moves on time as promised
  • Ensure orders are accepted on time and raise critical awareness if suppliers are unable to fulfill the complete inventory needs
  • Make informed decisions about whether to expedite inventory by knowing when supply chain disruptions delay shipments in real time
  • Adjust schedules and reduce labor costs based on late shipment and delivery notifications
  • Reroute goods as they see transportation issues in real time
  • Receive more consistent, dependable shipments based on delay mitigation capabilities, dynamic in-transit allocation, and visibility to inbound goods

Supply Chain Visibility

Get a single view of your global supply chain network for you, your trading partners and customers for real-time order, inventory and shipment information which provides role-based access to current information regarding your inventory, orders and shipments across the globe.

Our extended enterprise management system can create an online portal between you and your suppliers for effortless collaboration to manage requisitions and purchase orders, facilitate easier order fulfilment and shipping, automate claims for chargebacks and ensure increased quality assurance.

Constantly expanding fulfillment methods and selling channels mean that enterprises are more dependent than ever on their global trading partners to support the scale of operations needed to compete. Manhattan Extended Enterprise enables closer collaboration with trading partners to ensure an adaptive, agile supply chain.

The numbers speak for themselves - extended enterprise management can translate into immediate financial benefits that include:

  • A 10-20% increase in on-time delivery rates
  • A 25-60% reduction in the amount of purchase orders between you and your suppliers
  • A 20-40% reduction in warehouse receiving time
  • The ability to plan to fulfil your customers’ orders before your products have even arrived

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