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Supply Chain Junction's Comprehensive 3PL Toolkit


For third-party logistics providers in the GCC and Africa


Logistics customers in the GCC expect next-level service, and these are the five ways that your WMS can offer them that.
Get the full set of tools you need to ensure that your 3PL delivers exceptional service, including: 
  1. A summary of the tools necessary for successful 3PL Operations
  2.  An assessment of the Industry Demands on a 3PL WMS  
  3. Futureproofing for the logistics industry - tips and tools. 
  4. A worksheet to kickstart your benchmarking process, to ensure that your 3PL warehouse performance is a match for your competitors. 
  5. Case studies from Manhattan Associates on their implementation in Global Shipping and Logistics, eStore, and more
  6. Blogs and studies that will help guide your implementation. 

Success Overview: Estore Logistics