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Don’t just react to market fluctuations, but use forecasting to anticipate new trends and demands so that your supply chain can proactively meet those needs.

Advanced planning models allow you to generate forecasts for multiple business segments, including sales, marketing, logistics and financials. This allows you to align sourcing, manufacturing, inventory control and distribution with your high-level business plan.

Use forecasting to anticipate new trends and demands

This powerful software will help you to navigate a dynamic market with speed and ease. It will allow you to minimise stock outs, adjust inventory to market demand, increase sales, decrease cycle times, and eliminate redundancy.

From product rollout to product retirement, Logility's demand optimization software suite empowers you to make profitable decisions about inventory investments, channel segmentation and customer service goals. You can boost customer service, ensure successful promotional support and stay on top of market changes.


In benchmark tests, Voyager has improved accuracy as much as 80% over other forecasting methods.


Logility's demand management software lets you:

  • Improve demand forecast accuracy
  • Cut inventory costs
  • Eliminate outdated inventory
  • Accelerate new product launches
  • Increase gross margins
  • Proactively identify opportunities and risks
  • Decrease or eliminate expediting costs

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